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Become ARRC Royalty

Consider become a VIP donor and take advantage of all these benefits today!


Enjoy special discounts at the Kingdom Mall.


1 or 2 entries into our quarterly KDMC pool.


Receive special promos and coupons by email.

Kingdom Savings

Access to our Kingdom Savings Program. (coming soon)

What Does it Mean to Be a VIP Donor?

By becoming a VIP Donor you are joining a socially and morally conscious group of people who are looking to get involved in something greater than themselves. You will become part of a movement that will be sustaining spiritual growth, human compassion and immediate relief to local organizations as well as abroad. You can rest assured that your contributions every month will indeed be going to the organizations listed in the ARRC. You will be able to see first hand how your gifts are impacting your community and the communities of so many others by following the progress of all our campaigns here at the ARRC. This is your chance to join something real and impactful join the Kingdom Revolution Today!

How Does the VIP Program Work?

When you become part of this community and begin to make your monthly donation of either $9.99 or $19.99 a month your contributions will be put into a “pool” with the contributions of ALL other vip members. At the end of every month we will then release those funds to one organization hopefully being able to complete the campaign they began. It is our goal to help fund COMPLETELY  1 or 2 campaigns every single month. Can you imagine the type of impact this will have? If you want to be part of something exciting and rewarding get started with a vip subscription today!

For Organizations

How Does it Work for Organizations?

The first thing you want to do is to make sure you have submitted your project to the ARRC. Once approved it becomes listed and our donors will be able to choose your campaign to contribute too. In order to be as fair as possible with all our campaigns we have instituted a simple algorithm to determine the order of which campaign gets gifted first. In most cases it will be on a first come first serve basis. However, if there is a specific campaign that is bringing in many VIP donors to join the ARRC then they will have the ability to “leap frog” to the front of the queue. Through the use of our “leap frog algorithm” we will be able to determine how far up they are able to jump. Again this all depends on the amount of vip donors they are bringing in.  Other unforeseen factors such as natural disasters will be address accordingly. This will assure a fair giving environment.